Thursday, March 31, 2011

NOINO, NZ meets RM(P&IR), NZ

Representatives of NOINO, North Zone consisting of Shri S.K.Saini, Zonal President; Shri H.K.Dhiman, Zonal Vice President; and Shri S.B.Sharan, Zonal Secretary met Shri Niraj Aggarwal, RM(P&IR)ZM, North Zone today i.e. on 31st March 2011 at 11.30 am. Smt. Aruna Seth, Secretary(P&IR) was also present during the meeting.

The following matters were discussed with RM(P&IR):

1.      Criteria for request transfers: During the coming promotion-round, request transfer will be considered after an officer spends two years (two promotion rounds) at a particular place subject to availability of vacancy at the place for which the officer has requested for transfer.

The criteria for marketing people will be the same as for administrative people (as above).

2.      Transfers of AAO’s: We asked, if transfers of AAO’s would also be considered during the coming promotion round? Shri Aggarwal replied in negative. AAOs’ transfers would be considered during next AAO promotion-round only.

3.      AAO contingency list: Existing AAO contingency list will be moved after coming promotion round (AO and above) (including representation cases) is completed, i.e. in most probability, by June end or July beginning. Transfer cases will not be taken up during contingency posting.

We pointed out discrepancies in AAO’s main list posting and contingency list posting in the past. The RM(P&IR) assured to apply the same criteria for posting of contingency people as was used during posting of main list personnel.

4.      Officers who forwent promotions: We requested to post the officers, who forwent promotions earlier due to inconvenient postings and whose promotions were due again this year, at the same place or at a convenient place if they get promotions again this year. The RM(P&IR) was not very positive on this count. However, we requested to re-examine the matter.

NOINO, NZ submitted a list of officers who were NOINO members and had applied for transfers. We also submitted a list of officers who forwent promotions earlier and whose promotions were due again this year.

The meeting ended with other talks on LIC.

Friday, March 25, 2011

BMS Gen. Secr. meets LIC Chairman

          The All India Triennial Conference of Bharateeya Mazdoor Sangh recently concluded in Jalgaon on 19th February. BMS is the largest central trade union in the country with over 80 lakhs members. NOINO/NOIW/NOIP are affiliated to BMS.
         The Conference elected Shri Baijnath Rai as the All India General Secretary of BMS.  After his election Shri Baijnath Rai was on a tour to Mumbai on 22nd March 2011.


         In the afternoon, Shri Rai addressed the media. He told the journalists that it was the considered opinion of BMS that the fundamental reason for all the ills pervading the society & affecting the workers of this country was the unchecked corruption whether financial or mental. He also announced that a mammoth morcha representing all workers in the country under the banner of BMS would march to Parliament on 23rdNovember 2011. The activists would spread out to the villages in the coming days to garner support for the morcha.


        Thereafter, Shri Rai visited the headquarters of LIC, i.e. Yogakshem. He met the Chairman, Shri T S Vijayan for a brief period. He was accompanied by Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO; Shri S D Kulkarni, President, BMS, Maharashtra Pradesh; Shri Kamalakant Narkar, President, NOIP, Mumbai & ShriBrahmesh Hardikar, Secretary, NOIW. Shri Vijayan said that LIC took pride in the fact that it always took lead in nation-building activities & actively participated in several Government projects like the current UID project. He also said that contrary to the popular apprehension that LIC would not withstand the competition after opening of the insurance sector, it had performed wonderfully well to maintain its prime position in the market. He also said that the productivity of the LIC employees was one of the highest in the public sector.
       Shri Rai said that BMS was aware of the yeoman service rendered by LIC in nation-building & appreciated the same. He raised the issues of one more pension option to the existing employees & automatic upgradation of pension. Shri Vijayan assured to find out a way to resolve these issues. Shri Rai said that BMS was also ready to talk to the Government in this regard at the appropriate time. The meeting ended after exchanging pleasantries.


          After the meeting with Chairman, Shri Rai met the activists of NOINO/NOIW/NOIP in Mumbai. About 50 activists affiliated to the above three organizations were present. Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO welcomed Shri Rai to Mumbai & LIC. He also briefly introduced Shri Rai extolling his virtues & his contribution to the growth of BMS particularly in West Bengal, long considered to be a bastion of the Communists. The activists then introduced themselves. Shri Rai was felicitated by Shri Kamalakant Narkar, President, NOIP, Mumbai. Shri Rai briefly addressed the activists. He said that he was aware of the splendid work done by all the organizations & that BMS was spreading across all cadres. He expressed hope that an organization in the Development officers affiliated to BMS would be established soon. ShriBrahmesh Hardikar, Secretary, proposed the vote of thanks.


This is addressed particularly to our officers in the cadre of AAO & AO, that too in branches, though it is applicable to some of the officers in the higher cadres in other places too. Over the years, we have come across a number of cases wherein disciplinary action has been initiated against AAOs & AOs particularly in the branches for the simple reason that they have not followed the manual provisions or the rules & regulations of the Corporation. In this context, what we observe is as under:-

  1. Usually the intention on the part of these Officers is not to defraud the Corporation either monetarily or otherwise. It may be because of the following reasons:-

    1. These officers are on probation & over-enthusiastic to impress.
    2. To meet some deadline or complete a target.
    3. To please the senior officers
    4.  Not having the courage to say no to the senior officers.
    5. To ensure that their reports are excellent.
    6.  For fear of being transferred from the present comfortable location or department.

For any or a combination of the above reasons, they go overboard & commit unintentional mistakes for which they have to pay dearly later.

  1. The senior officers sometimes issue oral instructions which may be against manual provisions/rules/regulations to their juniors. Many-a-time even their intention is to achieve some target. The junior officers are then caught in a cleft stick whether to follow the superior or follow the book. One would amount to disobedience as they perceive & the other violation of the rules.

In this context, we would advise all such officers to be cautious. The closing period of the financial year is fast approaching & the incidences of such mistakes are likely to be high during this period. It is always observed that in such cases usually the junior officers have to face the music. We, therefore, would advise the officers to strictly stick to the book whatever be the immediate consequences. As far as possible when such conflicting situation arises, it would be better to put up a note clearly writing the manual provisions & that the decision if taken otherwise would be a violation of the same. A copy should be preserved before & after putting up the note. This would avoid future serious implications. The damage becomes irreparable after the mistake is committed. Remember, the permanent milestone of a blotless career is more important than the temporary glory of a current target.

Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spl Conv. Allow. to Physically Handicapped

The maximum ceiling of Special Conveyance Allowance (being paid @ 2.5% of Basic Pay) to differently abled (Physically Handicapped) Employees has been increased from Rs.235/- per month to Rs.400/- per monthw.e.f. 01.03.2011 vide CO Circular No. Personnel/ER/A/ZD/1180/ASP/2011 dated 23/03/2011.

It is worth mention that the demand for increasing the allowance was raised by NOINO only.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LIC accepts NOINO's suggestion on Housing Loan

The L&HPF Department of CO has instructed the Zonal Offices on 10th March 2011 in line with the suggestion of NOINO & NOIW in its letter dated 24thFebruary 2011 to the MD Shri D.K.Mehrotra on housing-loan problems. The instructions by CO read as follows:

“Dear Sir,

The LIC HFL is now started sending Revised Demand Invoices @ 9% and 9.5% for Direct Loans and Converted Loans respectively. Hence, it has been decided to send the recoveries deducted from the employees / loanees salaries towards housing loans from the salary of January, 2011 and February, 2011 on total loans (i.e. LIC Loans and HFL Loans which includes converted loans also) towards First Unpaid Instalments February, 2011 & March, 2011 respectively which is kept it in Suspense Account by OS Dept of our Divisions.

The balance amount is to be added as subsidy and remitted to HFL immediately. In this regard CO/F&A Circular Ref: CO/F&A/CC/C-202 dated  31st March, 2010 may be referred wherein under Para-2(c) instructions for payment of amount deducted from salary along with the subsidy to LIC HFL are given. Even after adding the subsidy to the recovered amount if it is not coming up to the total shown in Demand Invoice, the balance amount may also be added by debiting Subsidy (A/C – 112941 & 112942) to make it to the demand of LIC HFL. A separate record in this respect shall be maintained for reconciliation purposes. The amount in addition to eligible Subsidy may be recovered from the loanee wherever applicable and the correction entry is to be passed.

Please note that after sending these remittances to corresponding back offices of LIC HFL by the concerned Nodal Divisional Office of LIC (a copy of Mapping of DO/BO is attached herewith) the reconciliation of the same shall be carried out expeditiously before the closing of accounts in all respects without fail.

Please issue suitable instructions in this regard to all the Nodal Divisions. RM (Legal & HPF) will monitor that the L&HPF Department of Divisions is providing help if any and wherever discrepancy, if any, is noted it will be responsibility of the respective Manager (Legal & HPF) and RM (Legal &HPF) to resolve the issues with the respective Back Offices of LIC HFL.

Chief (Legal &HPF)”

The above letter clearly agrees with our “immediate temporary solution for the subsidy problem” as suggested in our letter to the MD on 24.2.11. Thus the management has accepted our suggestion and brought relief to the employees on housing-loan problems. This is yet another proof that NOINO not only raises issues but also suggests practical solutions to bring relief to the employees. However, we are aware that there are a lot of practical problems yet to be solved. We also want to reassure the employees that we will continue to pursue our demand of bringing back the portfolio of Housing loan from LIC HFL to LIC.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NOINO meets ED(Personnel)

A NOINO delegation met the Executive Director (Personnel), Smt. D. Vijayalakshmi on 8th March 2011 to discuss the various pending issues:-

1. Information sharing session: - We pointed out that there were no discussions on the employees’ issues since July 2010 & demanded immediate discussions on the pending issues. ED (P) replied that it was unlikely that such discussions would take place in the near future.

2. One more pension option:- ED (P) said that the progress was slow in this matter but was confident that the issues involved in this demand would be solved in due course.

3. Problems of Housing loan from LIC HFL:- On this, ED (P) said that the subsidy problem would be solved very shortly. We, however, insisted on bringing back the portfolio to LIC HPF.

4. Revision in leave rules :- We had submitted a letter on this matter to the ED (P) on 26.11.2010 demanding Intervening holidays between CL not to be taken into account; Minimum PL to be reduced to 6 days instead of 7 days; Minimum leave of 15 days not to be made compulsory for Encashment of PL; HRA to be counted as part of salary while calculating Encashment of PL etc. However, ED (P) said that as far as the matter concerning encashment of PL was concerned, we would have to wait for some more time.

5. Revision in Conveyance Allowance for physically handicapped: - ED (P) said that the circular would be issued shortly.

6. Recruitment in Class III :- ED (P) said that the management was on the job & need-based recruitment would be done in the near future.

7. Mediclaim:- Share of Corporation contribution must be ¾ of Total Mediclaim Premium instead of 2/3 for Class I Officers. ED (P) was positive on this matter but said that it would take some time.

8. Professional qualification allowance: We demanded professional qualification allowance for CA/MBA/Legal and other professionals. We also pointed out that if an employee after becoming an officer acquires Fellowship he is not paid any allowance. ED (P) seemed to be positive on this issue & said that this matter would be taken up in the future.

9. Late-sitting allowance: - ED (P) ruled out the possibility of late-sitting allowance in the near future.

We extended our warm wishes to the ED (Personnel) on the occasion of International Women’s day.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Karnal Divisional Unit formed

The NOINO blitzkrieg rolls on! Yet another Divisional Unit stands formed. This time it is Karnal Division in NZ. The Karnal unit of NOINO was formed on 3rd March 2011. The details of the formation of the Unit is given below:

A meeting of NOINO members of Karnal Division was held at 1.30 pm on 03.03.2011 at Karnal in which KARNAL Divisional Unit of NOINO was formed. Representatives from NOINO, North Zonal Committee – Shri S.B.Sharan, Zonal Secretary; Shri S.K.Saini, Zonal President & Shri H.K.Dhiman, Zonal Vice President were present during the meeting. The meeting was presided-over by Shri S.B.Sharan who initiated, run and concluded the proceedings of the meeting.

Shri S.K.Saini, Zonal President congratulated the office bearers on formation of Divisional Committee and also spoke on formation of NOINO and achievements of NOINO (on All India & Zonal levels). Shri H.K.Dhiman also addressed on the achievements of NOINO & Working of Organisation. 

The Divisional committee was formed unanimously consisting of following office bearers:

Post in Organization / Name / Mob.No. / Official Designation / Email id (

President: Shri Parveen Kumar; 09416203422; Mgr (Sales), DO Karnal; parveen.kumar

Secretary: Shri Rajesh Gupta; 09466622261; AO, BO Panipat-I; rajesh.gupta

Vice President: Shri Dilbag Sabharwal; 09416001659; AO, BO Panipat-I; singhd.sabharwal

Jt. Secretary:
Shri Naveen Saluja; 09466034838; AAO(PG), DO Karnal; naveenkumar.saluja

Treasurer: Shri Rajesh Prashar; 09416072428; AAO, Sales, DO Karnal; rajesh.prashar

Auditor: Shri Sanjay Kumar; AAO, BO Jind

EC Members:
Shri Chander Prakash; AAO, BO Panipat-2
Shri Ramesh; ABM(S), BO Narwana
Shri Tarun Dutta; AAO(PG), Naraingarh
Shri Sanjay Bhatia; AAO, BSU, DO Karnal
Shri Vineet Lamba; AAO(PG), BO Jind

An introductory meeting of the Divisional Committee with Sr.DM was held on 03.03.2011 at 02.15 PM & with Marketing Manager separately at 2.45 PM.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NOINO’s role in Budget 2011-2012

NOINO played an important role in Govt of India’s Union Budget 2011-2012 presented by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Minister of Finance on 28th February 2011 i.e. yesterday.

It happened that a fortnight ago a senior officer of LIC of India pointed-out to our All India General SecretaryShri Ganesh Kamath that the age limit for income tax exemption for senior citizens was hitherto 65. He suggested that while a person would normally retire at the age of 58 or 60 it was not proper to give this concession at the age of 65. He also pointed out that the age limit for concessions to senior citizens was mostly given at the age of 60 in various establishments.

The suggestion looked logical to our GS Shri Kamathji. As such, he immediately wrote a mail to NOINO President (also MP, Rajyasabha) Shri Prakash Javadekar in this regard and also sent an SMS to draw his immediate attention to the issue. Shri Javadekarji promptly took the issue with the Finance MinisterShri Pranab Mukherjee who agreed to the suggestion.

The Union Budget for 2011-12 presented by Shri Pranab Mukherjee yesterday reduced the age limit to 60 as demanded by NOINO. It is a very significant achievement & a great relief to the senior citizens. The credit for this should undoubtedly go to our dynamic leader Shri Prakash Javadekarji.

Our heartiest congratulations to the members of NOINO on the achievement! Definitely, the members are our real strength who inspire us to fight for an issue and win it.